Contemplative Education Symposium May 31, 2019

  • To collectively survey the landscape of this field, especially in the Canadian context in order to find out what is happening in contemplative education—particularly Canadian issues and trends. As a rapidly growing field, this is an opportunity to understand and track emergent research and initiatives, to create/support community and to facilitate collaboration and dialogue. There will be a focus on local, provincial, and national research and practice in Canada. An aim of this gathering is bolstering the voice and contribution that Canadian scholars and researchers may offer to the field at large.
  • Panel discussions with question and answer periods, break-out groups with smaller group discussions, praxis of contemplative practices, and potential student presentations.

Mindfulness In, As, and Of Education by Oren Ergas SFU Visit November 7, 2018

  • This session will include a presentation on the state of the art of mindfulness in education, and a workshop, in which we will explore ‘education’ through mindfulness. In the presentation, Oren Ergas will demonstrate the frameworks of ‘mindfulness in education’ and ‘mindfulness as education,’ as ways for understanding the role of mindfulness in education based on his mapping of hundreds of publications on mindfulness. The presentation will segue into a workshop in which Oren will introduce ‘mindfulness of education’ as a third conceptualization of the role of mindfulness in education. Following his book, Reconstructing ‘Education’ through Mindful Attention, he will engage us in a series of contemplative inquiries through which we will examine the foundations of education. This will lead toward the positioning of our embodied minds at the center of teaching, curriculum and pedagogy, and the reconstruction of education.

Thesis Defenses?